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Technical foams for Sports and leisure

Mousses techniques pour selle de cheval

With a range of technical foams, CELSO produce and realize different products for the sports and leisure industry.

Needs differ according to the different sports. Some want to improve their comfort in practice, while others need protection. Some sports require the specific accessories as sealing, impact resistance, temperature.
The various technical foams allow to meet all the requirements :
• Training equipment, protection (Rugby : percussion shields, tackle bags, poles protection…)
• Baby play mattresses
• Equestrian saddlery
• Gymnastic mattresses
• Swimming accessories



Foam protection for children indoor playgrounds

Thanks to its experience, its knowledge and know-how, CELSO responds to various requests / needs for the Sports & Leisure markets. CELSO realizes such foams protections, in order to guarantee the safety of children in the indoor playground. Due to the range of foams that CELSO has and its machine park, this allows it to realize forms of all kinds and with materials adapted according to the utility and the disposition of these in the park. Moreover, thanks to its finishing & covering workshop, it offers to its customers a foam lamination + cover, customized product, ready to be installed and used.



Rugby Foam Protections


We designed protective foams for scrum simulators as well as different protections used by players of the Stade Toulousain Rugby Club during their training sessions

Celso propose rugby foams protections custom-made to the needs of each of our customers. Goalposts protections, tackels bags, training simulators & particular forms.

Paragliding back protectors with Koroyd®


For the practice of this extreme sport, Celso makes semi-rigid back protections, foam lamination and integration of honeycomb (Koroyd®) considerably improving impact absorption.
We allow our customers to integrate various types of materials into our foams, adapted according to their sector of activity, the need sought, the need to answer to a given problem. With our stock of 300 materials and our machinery, we have the ability to meet specific requirements for these business market. Whether the niche market or the mass market, we have full capacity to realize semi-finished & finished product (eg : cover) requested by the client.

Somes examples of Sports & Leisures foams achievements